LG 360 VRby LG Electronics

Key Features

Immerse Yourself in 360° Virtual Reality | High Quality DAC Maximizes Performance | Smart Integration with the LG G5
Available Colours: Titan Silver
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LG 360 VR

VR Has Never Been
so Portable

The lightweight design and slim size of
the LG 360 VR gives you added comfort
and outstanding portability.

360 VR

· A casual device that incorporates Virtual Reality technology to enjoy
 VR content anytime, anywhere.
· When playing VR content using LG 360 VR, turn your head in the direction
 you want to see, just as if you’re inside the scene.

Compact Size

Size: 164.1mm x 185.6mm x 45.9mm
Weight: 134.3g (without visor, 113g)

LG 360 VR

Easy to use

Easy to control with LG G5’s Friends Manager.
Use LG 360 VR to also easily view photos and videos shot with LG G5 and LG 360 CAM.

How to use with ease

· After putting on LG 360 VR, when the LG G5 screen goes off, the LG G5 can be used as a touch-pad.
 (Tap the LG G5 screen to select / Long-touch the LG G5 screen to go to previous screen)
· Choose a 360° video from LG G5’s gallery and connect LG 360 VR to immerse yourself further into the video.
· With another of LG G5’s friends, LG 360 CAM (sold separately), watch photo and video VR content you shot yourself.
· Conveniently adjust distance by moving the lens left or right.

LG 360 VR

Immerse Yourself in VR

The vivid and clear resolution of the LG 360 VR lets you enjoy 360° content in a new way.
It’s the equivalent of watching a 130” TV from just 2 meters away.
Experience sports, concerts and more like you’re actually there.

Technical Specifications

Model Name LG 360 VR
Model Number R100
Key Feature Immerse Yourself in 360° Virtual Reality.
High Quality DAC Maximizes Performance.
Smart Integration with the LG G5.
Dimension 164.1 x 185.6 x 45.9 mm
Weight 134.3g (Without Light Blocker 113g)
Color Titan Silver
Chipset STM32F411 - Cortex-M4 100MHz
Display 960x720 (1.88") IPS LCD x 2EA
Optic Horizontal FOV(field-of-view) 80° lens
Audio 3.5Φ, TRS Jack
Sensor Proximity, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Connectivity USB 2.0 + Type C Plug
Physical UI Keys (Back, Select)
*Specifications may vary depending on region.
*Supported on Android 5.0 Lollipop or later (6.0 Marshmallow/7.0 Nougat)